Today we looked at a beautiful politician who figured short people can't be in the military, so why do gays be allowed in? Many of you responded. In particular, one with a quippy one-liner, another with a moving personal story.

That one-liner is actually today's headline! And it is from mdude85. Well done, dude!

The personal story comes to you from diasdiem:

For years, I tried to hide it. Big hair styles. Thick heels. Vertical stripes. I endured the bullying in school, as hard as it was. They made me feel like I was less of a person, just because there was less of me vertically than most people.

Finally I couldn't go on living the lie, and I came out and told my friends and family that I was short. Some of them were shocked, and had a hard time accepting it at first. I lost a lot of friends on the basketball team. But a lot of people accepted me for who I am. My relationship with my parents is better than ever. And I've found out as you go through life you'll find more and more people who won't look down on you because you're short.

It gets better.

Also, this picture from pschlarm is beautiful: