The Harvard Club, where Harvard alumni gather in the shadow of dead animal heads to control the world, wouldn't let Eliot Spitzer join. But NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly's not only a member—private donors pay all his fees.

This is, admittedly, a minor scandal. But a scandal nonetheless, because Kelly failed to disclose (as required by law) that the NYC Police Foundation, a group funded by private donors, has been paying his $1,500 annual Harvard Club dues and expenses for eight years. Says the NYT:

But a person familiar with the practice said Mr. Kelly was not extravagant: his monthly expenses for food and drink ranged from nothing to a few hundred dollars. His guests appear to be people of interest to the Police Department and the encounters are business related, several people said.

Yea, Kelly...must be nice to be consuming your nice food in your fancy private club funded by private donors while meanwhile various New Yorkers sit in jail. Ehhh... we can't really generate too much rage about this relatively unimportant scandal. It doesn't make us like Ray Kelly, though, which is something.

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