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Conan O'Brien is set to return to late night television at 11PM on Monday, November 8. TBS is doing everything it can to make sure you're aware.

The network released literally dozens of ads promoting its serious (sorry George Lopez, but nobody takes you seriously) entree into the world of late night, filled its extra HD ad space with Conan promos, and helped Team Coco pull off 24 hours of live programming on YouTube.

Last week, the Coco Cam webcam streamed all the action from a stairwell at Conan HQ for 24 hours straight. Dancing tacos, 80's bear aerobics, zombie attacks, and the revelation of Conan's first guests were among the many highlights.

A total of 660,000 viewers tuned into the live stream at some point over the day's worth of programming, with the viewership at any given time averaging 13,000. The on-demand videos featuring Live Coco Cam highlights have collectively drawn a total of 732,000+ views in less than a week's time.

Republished with permission from You can read the original post here, and check out the Live CoCo Cam's best moments here.

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