Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal: Dating

Taylor and Jake flirt their way across New York. A Sports Illustrated model gets in a catfight. Celine Dion's husband describes his wife's numerologically perfect birth. Tuesday gossip is a windswept romance.

  • Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal: Doing it. (Or thinking about doing it.) They've been in "flirting mode" while Taylor is in town promoting her new album. They batted their eyelashes at each other backstage at SNL, then brunched in Park Slope, then frolicked across the streets of Brooklyn in a giggly haze of love. (Or thinking about love. Surrounded by blissed-out stroll brigade of Park Slope, you can't not think about marriage when you're there.) Also, Taylor recently said this: "Right now the most attractive quality in a guy is a sense of adventure and romance." And Jake was recently in The Prince of Persia, so he (or his CGI muscles) know a thing or two about adventure and romance. In other news, Gyllenhaal has established a pattern in his love life: Fine-boned country-singing blondes. [P6, People, PerezHilton, image via Pacific Coast News]

  • Sean Penn girlfriend and Sports Illustrated bikini model Jessica White was arrested after "yanking [a] woman's hair and striking her face with her hand" during a fight for a cab at 4:50AM in Chelsea. To her credit, when someone steals a cab from you at 5AM, anything short of shooting them in the face is an act of relative pacificism. [P6]

  • Celine Dion's husband describes the harrowing birth of their twins: "When Saturday at 11:11, they showed us the first baby that was crying, we were crying. It was a very emotional moment." Since she'd just expelled two humans from her body, Celine might have been crying for other reasons, too. On the other hand, Celine Dion is the kind of lady who would burst into crystal-clear arpeggios in the middle of child labor. The lady isn't human; she's a pair of diamond-cut vocal chords on legs. [People]

  • Why did Rihanna skip Katy Perry's wedding? "Rih was finishing her album, and she just switched managers, so she had to pull out at the last minute." That's what happens when you insist on carting your entire wedding party halfway across the planet. [Us]

  • Good news for T.I.: L.A. prosecutors have declined to press charges for last month's drug arrest. Bad news for T.I.: The only reason they aren't bothering with charges is because he's already guaranteed a prison sentence for violating his federal probation. [TMZ]

  • Your daily Mariah Carey baby rumor update: Boy. She'll announce it on Oprah or The View. [HollyBaby Popeater]

  • The crazed Food Network chef accused of hiring three homeless guys to kill his wife is scheduled to appear in court today, and is expected to announce a plea deal: 9 years in prison for solicitation of murder. [TMZ]

  • Jessica Simpson was gamboling along the red carpet one night, and she ran into ex-husband Nick Lachey and his new girlfriend. OMG so embarrassing! "I didn't speak to him." Jessica Simpson, every woman. [Us]

  • Glee star Mark Salling makes the panties drop. Specifically, the panties of co-star Naya Rivera, barely-legal tween star Selena Gomez, and The Event star Taylor Cole. His publicist denies that his client is totally baller, but c'mon, look at him. Sigh. [P6]

  • Toni Collette is pregnant with her second child at the age of 37. She and musician husband Dave Galafassi also have a two-year-old daughter named Sage. Mazel tov! [People]

  • After fainting at LAX, Gene Simmons was hospitalized for dehydration. He sustained no serious injuries, other than to his aging rockstar dignity. [TMZ]

  • More break-up rumors about twee-est couple in the world Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan. It was too cute to last; someone was bound to claw their eyeballs out, eventually. [Us]

  • Since begging Courteney Cox to come back to him has so far failed, David Arquette has morphed into a skirt-chasing "party animal," staying out all night with actresses half his age. This could end badly. [P6]

  • Kim Kardashian's 30th birthday party did not feature a $1 million diamond-encrusted cake. The million-dollar cake people offered; Kim went with a colorful (and edible) cake instead. "Making a million dollar birthday cake is just ridiculous! I'd rather they gave me a cupcake and donate the rest of the money to the homeless." Not that she actually did the latter, but whatever, details. [Popeater]