Guilty Americans enjoy nothing more than assuaging our collective guilt over raping the earth by purchasing "green" products, with labels helpfully telling us how these "green" products are saving the planet. Too bad they're almost all fake, somehow.

The WSJ reports that a new study found that 95% of "green" products include at least one misleading or unsubstantiated claim of environmentalism.

Among the infractions found: fibbing about or having no proof of environmental claims, vague or poorly defined marketing language, such as "all-natural," and the use of fake labels designed to imply a product has third-party certification or endorsement of its claims.

Yea, a shocking number of products just say things like "environmentally friendly" or "certified by (whatever crap organization)," and it's just made-up crap! You, the consumer, just need to accept that you're sodomizing Mother Earth on a daily basis with your greedy materialism, and there's nothing you can do about it. Bathe in the cleansing fire of guilt, America.

[WSJ. Photo: Shutterstock. Reading the internet saves trees!]