Diana Tejada, Sen. Harry Reid's Hispanic press secretary, has been fired over revelations that she was paid in exchange for marrying a Lebanese national who wanted to obtain permanent U.S. residency... and was on a terror watch list.

Tejada, for unclear reasons, was never charged for her role as a co-conspirator in marrying this guy, Bassam Mahmoud Tarhini — the subject an Oklahoma City Joint Terror Task Force investigation — in 2003. (He was eventually deported earlier this year.)

Fox News breathlessly reports:

According to interviews and court records obtained by FoxNews.com, Tejada knowingly filed false documents with the Department of Homeland Security's U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services; lied in in-person interviews with ICE and FBI agents; and submitted fraudulent visa application affidavits and marriage license documents - all in attempt to use her status as an American citizen to get Tarhini permanent residency.

Tejada began working for Reid in October 2008, and the investigation into the legal status of her "husband" led to his indictment in 2009. It seems like something that would've hit the Reid office's radar, but they claim to have learned about it only recently.

So the point, politically, is that Harry Reid supports and hires terrorist illegal immigrant abetters all the time with taxpayer money, because he hates America.