ABC Family billed last night as a "Mid-Season Finale," which is a roundabout way of saying they've ordered another 20 installments of Melissa & Joey. No word yet on how many others will spotlight Joey's biceps and Melissa's noisy orgasms.

That's right, I said "noisy orgasms." It's a double entendre that almost causes MJH to lose it, and it comes at the end of what is one of the sitcom's cutest scenes so far:


Joe can't squeeze many uniques out of his boring videos (a problem with which I am intimately familiar), so Melissa decides to spice things up with some creative branding, and by "creative" she means "shirtless."

It just occurred to me that this scene was broadcast on ABC Family at about the same time that John Stamos was performing "Hot Patootie — Bless My Soul" on FOX. For the children of the '90s — or at least the girls I went to high school with — it really is a great time to be alive.