Today we asked an important question: is your Halloween costume racist? You know, like sexy Indian or sexy geisha or whatever. Everyone agreed that those things were bad, but one brave commenter stepped forward and took a stand for witches.

From betweentwolungs:

I've pretty much considered myself the Scrooge of Halloween for a good chunk for my life for a different reason. I grew up in a very east coast new age, metaphysical loving environment. I have a lot of wiccan friends. I classify myself as more agnostic with pagan tendencies. So every year seeing the "scary witch" costumes, and cheesy decorations always irritate me. Also, getting the comment every year "Hey, what are you going to be for Halloween? A Witch? Then you wont need a costume!" gets really old. But don't think I'm denying kids in witch costumes candy at my door and picketing outside of costume shops. Obviously I'm realistic about it and I'm very aware that it's just part of the holiday, so if you're going to be a witch for Halloween, be an awesome one, and loose the wart covered nose and broomstick.

Witches' rights, y'all. Get into it.

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