The craziest Tea Party candidates are great for Democrats. The math bears it out. So, Democrats in Pennsylvania figured it was a good idea to help a crazy Tea Party Birther get on the ballot to play the spoiler.

Jim Schneller is a Birther who opposes abortion even in cases of rape and incest. And, according to a Reuters report, Democrats are directly responsible for getting him on the ballot in Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional district race. People connected to the local Democratic Party and their candidate, Bryan Lentz, collected around 4,813 signatures to get Schneller on the ballot. (He only needed 4,000.) The chairwoman of the local Democratic party collected 503 herself!

Imagine these die-hard Democrats knocking on doors and trying to feign enthusiasm for Schneller's pledge to abolish the Fed! (Maybe dressing in revolutionary garb to complete the illusion?) But the best part about this story is that Schneller didn't even realize what was going on until the night he turned in his own signatures and found a bunch of strangers there as well. "I can see how it might look to some people that I was part of some conspiracy," Schneller told Reuters. "But I was the victim of a conspiracy."

This bolsters a possible scenario that we have long suspected: that the entire Tea Party is a plot by desperate Democrats to siphon votes away from Republicans; that Glenn Beck signs off the air every day and hits the hot tub with George Soros; and that underneath her rubber mask, Christine O'Donnell is Joe Biden. Ah, Democracy. [Reuters]

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