When we went to college, tuition was a Buffalo nickel and a meal could be had for an eightpence. Sadly, a new survey says that prices are up—way up. Hope you kids like Home State U!

The annual "Trends in College Pricing" survey says that prices are up, up, up (well above the rate of inflation): up 4.5% at private colleges, up 7.9% at public state schools, up 6% at community colleges. You can still go to a public, in-state college for an average of $7,600, though.

Average tuition at a private college: $27,293. Room and board not included.

The paltry silver lining is that federal financial aid, including Pell Grants and tax credits, has increased as well, meaning that the net college tuition an average person pays out of pocket is actually less than it was in 2005.

Of course, in in 2005 people had money.

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