Since Terriers takes place in the San Diego suburbs, it was only a matter of time before the show kidnapped us and hauled us south of the border, stuffed in a drug lord's (cousin's) trunk.

It's been established that Britt is one of the best "B&E Men" around, and his talents are in high demand. Unfortunately, if your name isn't Henry Buttermaker Dolworth, the only way to hire Britt is to kidnap him and blackmail him by threatening his girlfriend:


So, while Hank and his former partner Detective Gustafson try to solve Britt's broad-daylight disappearance, Britt and his old accomplice Raymond are tasked with re-stealing a stockpile of cocaine from an evidence locker. The best way to break into a police station? Get yourself arrested, of course. Luckily, the TJPD has yet to perfect the art of the body cavity search:

Britt and Ray quickly smuggle a santa-sack of Columbian Laundry Detergent out of jail, but before they can get back to their "employer" Felipe, a rival gangster intervenes and pumps Felipe full of lead. Under different circumstances, this would be serendipity, but Felipe dies before he has a chance to give his cousin back in San Diego the order NOT to assault Britt's girlfriend Katie.

Hank and Gustafson catch up with Britt just in time to put him back in a trunk and begin the slow task of sneaking him back into the US. Katie, meanwhile, has a subplot of her own to resolve. That professor she drunkenly slept with a few episodes ago keeps looking for some sort of closure:


Of course, our heroes soon arrive to save the damsel in distress:

The episode ends with Hank and The Professor alone together in the back of an ambulance, giving Hank just enough of an opportunity to remind the veterinary horn-dog that he's not out of the woods yet:

Ending on a quiet moment of pathos from Hank is quickly becoming a Terriers trademark, but somehow Donal Logue makes it work. Let's hope FX allows the series enough episodes to mix things up. This week's broadcast earned a "presented by Bank of America" sponsorship, so maybe that's a good sign in the ad-revenue department?