This certainly is the week for movie reunions. Earlier it was Back to the Future and today the entire cast of The Sound of Music happily reunited. How do Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, and the Von Trapp children look today?

Kicking off the reunion was Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in a short interview in which they chat about where they were at in their lives at the time the movie was filmed.

If you can believe it, Mr. Von Trapp used his signature whistle to call the "kids" onto Oprah's stage.


Here, Julie Andrews speaks about the epic opening scene in which she's singing "The Hills Are Alive" in, well, the hills. Apparently it took many takes of helicopters circling around the singer in order to get the scene. Despite their trouble filming, the effort was clearly worth it.

Kim Karath (who played Greta, the youngest of the Von Trapp children) said that it wasn't so easy for her at school after the movie came out. She was just an adorable little first-grader, but apparently the kids at her school didn't take kindly to "celebrities."


Perhaps the funniest (and most relatable) part of the interview with the Von Trapp kids was Charmian Carr's admission that she had a huge crush on Christopher Plummer during the filming of the movie. We're pretty sure that women all around the world feel her "pain."