Since Halloween (and the premiere of The Walking Dead) is on Sunday, there are sure to be lots of zombies walking around. Thankfully we have undead expert Mac Montandon here to answer your questions. He'll be live in the comments!

Mac, the author of The Proper Care and Feeding of Zombies: A Completely Scientific Guide to the Lives of the Undead (and an editor at NBC New York), is one of the world's foremost experts on the creatures that rise up from the dead on the hunt for brains, beautiful brains.

If you have something you've always wondered about zombies or just need some good info to make your undead costume that much more realistic on Sunday, hit Mac up in the comments section of this post. He'll be answering all your queries from 11am until noon, when he has to go eat a lunch consisting of a brain burger with brain fries and pickled brain.

Update: Mac has left the building, but you can still check out his funny answers to everyone's questions or talk about zombies as much as you'd like in the comments below.