Tonight's episode was a spooktacular (sorry) jaunt through the corridors of Dunder Mifflin, and every character, save Jim, had a clever outfit. Damn you Jim. We also had some deliciously classic awkwardness with Pam and Danny.

The after-credits sequence had the best costumes, including Michael Scott defying all odds to not be the butt of the joke.

The episode's best scene contained some of the hallmark discomfort this series has been known for. Watch Pam and Jim question Danny about a past lack of interest. Yeah, it's weird, but it works.


And yes, one of Darrell's joke could be filed under the category of "The Simpsons Did It" in the Grand History of Sitcoms. Darrell, much like Dr. Hibbert, takes issue with Michael calling him Blacula, as opposed to Black Dracula.