Last night's Community was a thrilling 30-minutes thrilling zombie-filled action. Spoiler alert: all of our favorite cast members get bitten and turned into zombies — but how they get there is the best part. Highlights inside!

Pierece is the first one to go, as he dug right into the party's food.

Next up was Britta and Annie.


When Jeff gets eaten, he obviously cares most about the fact that his jacket was being worn by a zombie.

It needs to be mentioned that Shirley and Sr. Chang totally got together!


In a sad, sad turn of Abed and Troy's bromace, Abed challenges Troy to be "the first black guy to make it to the end."

Finally, Troy makes it inside to save the day and turn off the thermostat. He encounters the zombie versions of all our pals (which happen to look so awesome.) Upon seeing Zombie Shirley and Zombie Abed, they bite him. He happens upon Zombie Jeff, who as Troy says, is "still cool as a zombie."

So what do you all think? Was this better or worse than Community's widely-loved "Paintball episode"? Whether you think it was or not, one thing is clear — Community is king of the themed episode.