Some photos that recently popped up on Facebook show first year female lacrosse players at Oxford dressed up as babies or as "teenage mums" as some sort of boozy hazing ritual. Now everyone is horrified! This filthy behavior, at Oxford?

Here are some grim details:

Shocking images of the Babies and Teenage Mums event - which appeared on Facebook - also showed the teenage girls rolling on a filthy floor while wearing NAPPIES.

Meanwhile, older students - who played the role of 'chav' mums - wore tracksuits and gold jewellery while smoking and shouting abuse at their "babies".

During the ceremony, which took place on Wednesday night, the younger students had to sit on the older girls' laps and be "fed" baby bottles full of booze.

The freshers were also made to lick baby food off paper plates as part of the ritual, which has been branded "extremely tasteless" by fellow students.

This is maybe the uncouth kind of thing you'd expect at Bristol or one of the other redbrick unis, but not at Oxford! Why Oxford is the Harvard of the East! The Stansbury of the much farther East! After reading this and seeing that scandalous Facebook movie, I'm sending my children, Daxely and Brykenzie, to safe, upstanding colleges only. Like Cambridge. Or Dartmouth.

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