Boo! On this scaaaariest of weekends, what should you see in the dark? Well, uh, one of those Saw pictures if you like that sorta thing, or a weepy indie, or a Swedish political mystery.

Saw 3D

Well, here is the seventh, yes seventh, installment in the children's adventure series, this one about... I don't know. A girl locked in a cabinet and the only way out of the cabinet is to eat a jar of bees but the bees will poison her so she has to get out of the cabinet fast enough to get the bee-sting antidote that's buried deep inside her boyfriend's chest cavity so she needs to use a rusty ice pick to carve it out before the bee stings kill her but first she needs to get out of this cabinet. Sounds like fun. Enjoy it, you sickos. (Wide release)

Welcome to the Rileys

This is a sad one about sad people grieving over sad things. James Gandolfini is the dad who lost his daughter, Kristen Stewart is the teen hooker with a heart of, if not gold, at least brass, and Melissa Leo is Gandolfini's sad wife. So, it's sad, basically. At least Kristen Stewart isn't a really annoying actress or anything! (Limited release)

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Next

Here's the final installment in the Swedish murder mystery trilogy about a punk girl and bad dudes or something. It's probably your last chance to see Noomi Rapace in something before she becomes a big, American-sized movie star. (Limited release)