Halloween is here! Can you taste it? Does it taste like poisoned Goblin food? Considering that this week's Sunday Matinee is Troll 2, a film believed to be one of the worst/best movies of all time, I sure hope not!

Troll 2 is based around Joshua Waits who is being visited by his dead grandfather, who despite the title of the film is warning him about.... goblins. I don't want to ruin the film for you but Joshua must save his family from eating the poisoned goblin food that would turn them into goblin's favorite food... vegetables. There are so many great parts of this film, the creepy Grandpa, the Mom with the dead eyes, and a scene where you are somehow surprised the dad isn't peeing on his son.

Also if you love or hate this film there was a documentary done about it recently called Best/Worst Movie. I hear its great!

Watch the trailer below:

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