This week at Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp we learned not to ask rock stars to be in our bands, Kip Winger dashingly served it to a tool terrorizing his keyboardist, and Lita Ford's magic jacket saved the wedding singer.

They've crafted the heck out of this show, and I appreciate it. Although the theme of how the men see women musicians and what it's like to be a girl singer and overcoming womanly things etc. isn't that great. I was going to ignore Rudy Sarzo telling his guitarist she had to work harder because she was a woman last week, because mebbe I'm tetchy you dig? And he seems awesome. But this episode was driven by how the men felt about the "chicks" they were playing with, and guys, if anyone asks you about any of that stuff again on camera please try this instead:

"Women are awesome and pretty much the same as men when it comes to being musicians, why should it be strange to play with them? This isn't Mad Men, it's Fantasy Camp."

So obviously when Kip Winger defended his female band member against some guy whose facial hair was already suspect, now narration reveals him to be a semi-sexist clue-needer, I was a happy girl. You go with your not having it hotness. Sorry about your band's stinking up the Gibson acoustic gig:

[There was a video here]

Overall, there is some good stuff here. Mark Hudson's "Holy cocaine, Batman!" when telling his drummer to slow down was perfection. Guest Lita Ford was terrific, saying that Haircut should perhaps practice more - then almost dying of laughter when the poor girl asked Lita to be in her band (which Rudy Sarzo mocked, hilariously). Her eww look when the Scot described WITH HIS FINGERS how he used to fondle her poster. And saying Janelle needed a makeover, which, yes.

But in true rock form, Lita doesn't just advise, she takes action. I was playing along at home, dying Janelle's hair in my mind - when Lita gave her the jacket off her own back! Which gave Janelle the power to live her Twist of Fate Symphony, or whatever it is we're all sobbing about.

Next week Ace Frehley comes to call, and we'll be partying with Matt Sorum and Lemmy!
If they'd just stop playing Cum On Feel The Noise, this would be the perfect show.