Is this "Talk to the Hand" challenge a variation on the old CCD trick to get young minds to grasp the concept of an eternity in Hell? Watch Brittanya the she-devil add another horny male soul to her collection.

We're down to 11 contestants on I Love Money, and since an impressive winning streak has the Gold Team outnumbering the Green Team 7 to 4, the transition is made to individual competition. The "Talk to the Hand" challenge is a contest of endurance: which money lover can keep their giant foam hand raised in the air the longest? Surprisingly, the strongest and most athletic competitor, Punisher, is the first to fail, but 6 of the flock last over an hour:

Brittanya! The gods of awesomely terrible television are smiling on us, indeed. Oh, did you think we were kidding about that hellfire and brimstone? Some trash talk between Punisher and Blonde Baller quickly descends into the abyss:


Meanwhile, Brittanya decides to use her powers of seduction on Cisco, conveniently ignoring that she has been sharing a bed with Punisher for several episodes, while Cisco has been in a similar "bed alliance" with Mindy. They play a game of "Never Have I Ever," while Mindy and Cornfed watch in disbelief from afar. It's startlingly similar to the afterparty following my 11th grade semi-formal:

At the elimination ceremony, Brittanya is thrilled to have the opportunity to send Blonde Baller home, but not before BB fires a parting shot and gives the producers a slatternly mathematical formula to animate:


In case you missed it, that was "5 guys + 12 days = Ho." Pausing the video reveals the heads of 4 contestants and one... random other dude. A lucky cameraman, perhaps?