Today at Gawker.TV, SNL takes on Back to the Future, Shaq goes in drag for Halloween, Taylor Swift writes songs about all of her exes, Ellen DeGeneres' writer freaks out inside a haunted house, and Andy Rooney actually likes something!

SNL Ponders an Alternate Future for Back to the Future
On Saturday night, SNL jumped on the Back to the Future bandwagon, bringing us a look at some discarded screentests from the new DVD release. SNL posits Eddie Murphy as Marty McFly and Robin Williams as Doc Brown, among others.

Shaquille O'Neal Debuts "Shaqueeta" for Halloween
Stars: they're just like us! More specifically, Shaquille O'Neal is just like us—that is, if dressing in drag as a voluptuous woman named "Shaqueeta" and lip-syncing to Beyoncé's "Sweet Dreams" is something we'd do for Halloween. Watch inside.

Warning: If You Date Taylor Swift, She Will Write a Song About You
Taylor Swift fancies herself a romantic heroine of sorts. That's why she seems convinced her songs are worthy because they "express" so much about her relationships. It doesn't help that Access Hollywood buys into delusions of grandeur.

Ellen's Writer Repeatedly Freaks Out Inside Haunted House
Ellen sent one of her writers, Amy, to film herself walking through a scary maze at Universal Studios in Hollywood. It was a scream-filled trip for an easily-frightened woman. You can tell from the start she's not the scary movie type.

Andy Rooney Finally Finds Something That He Likes
Stop the presses—Andy Rooney's finally found something that he doesn't hate! During yesterday's 60 Minutes, Rooney revealed that he'd recently seen Secretariat. Further, Rooney enjoyed the film (though not as much as seeing the horse in person).