Do you watch various television shows? Then you'll be happy to know that thanks to "psychographics," marketing firms can determine your entire personality just by looking at your Tivo settings. For example: like Mad Men? You're a pinko Apple fanboy.

Ad Age has an entire rundown of popular shows, and what a firm called Mindset Media says about those who view them. Though it sounds like bullshit, it's all based on surveys and research. So while it's almost certainly more bullshit than Mindset Media would have its clients believe, it's not total bullshit. And if you think you're immune to this stuff, you are very, very wrong. A sampling:

  • If you like The Office: You're haughty. "Folks who consider themselves superior to others are 47% more likely to watch this show."
  • If you like Mad Men: You're more likely to be creative and socially liberal. Before you pat yourself on the back, all that means is more Apple ads, you drones.
  • If you like Family Guy: You hate authority—"rule breakers or rebels [are] 61% more likely to watch the show." The authority in question is likely your 9th grade teacher.
  • If you like Dancing With the Stars: You're a "traditionalist." "Brands that connect with them include Fiber One."

And if you like Two and a Half Men you're probably an incest monster.

[Full list at Ad Age]