You'd think that Dan and Jack would be no match for a catsuit-clad female assassin, but fortunately, their bumbling incompetence is the last thing this professional hit-woman expects out of an adversary.

But first! There's a Peeping Tom on the loose, which provides the perfect opportunity for Dan Stark to instruct an innocent yoga class on the value of "perv whistle:"


Meanwhile, three employees of a local oil company discover the legitimate version of an environmental safety report that their boss had previously falsified, and they attempt to use it for blackmail. Everyone knows that oil companies will stop at nothing to continue destroying the environment with impunity, though, and before long, the would-be blackmailers start turning up dead:

One of the things we love about The Good Guys is its creative use of editing, and this episode's climax involves a couple of great examples. Check out the editing around this particular commercial break; it's a common trope used to create artificial cliffhangers, and show openly mocks it:

Another example pops up a few seconds later, as our assassin returns to clean house. The series will often pause, rewind, or fast-forward itself as a storytelling device, and here it's used to announce the arrival of the cavalry: Dan Stark, his Trans Am, and his trusty perv whistle:


That gentleman in the blue polo — the surviving blackmailer — is the boyfriend of Jenny Wade's character Liz, and the shenanigans he pulls in this episode cause her to dump him. A resolution to the running Jack and Liz romantic subplot seems imminent, which could be a by-product of the show's uncertain future. Stay tuned!