U.S. officials say that militants in Yemen sent several test packages through the mail last September as a "dry run" for last week's foiled international mail bomb plot. Of course, they've been wrong about these things before.

Yes! Remember a couple months back when these same nameless officials told ABC news that two men from Yemen stopped on a flight to Chicago were on a "dry run" for a terrorist bomb plot? And then it turned out that, woops, they "did not know each other and were not traveling together," and were not plotting anything. Now, more nameless officials tell ABC news that they've been on the lookout for a Yemeni mail bomb plot for months, ever since this September "dry run."

This is not to say that what these nameless officials say is not the case. It's simply to say that you and I have no way to judge whether it's the case. And to point out that Brian Ross and ABC News have been wrong about these sorts of things before. And to point out that it's not outside the realm of possibility that government officials would use a cloak of anonymity to feed items to overeager reporters that might be of political gain to these government officials.

We're just saying, the public is going on nothing but the word of those who have deceived the public before. That said: death to Ibrahim Asiri! CIA into Yemen at once!

[Photo: AP]