Blind item! Which trainwreck rock star got into a sexy situation with a gossip columnist and a sex writer? Oh, I can't bear to keep it secret: Courtney Love, gossip don Lloyd Grove, and gigolo-hiring Post writer Mandy Stadtmiller.

"Having an important conference with @llbengr & @mandystadt," Love tweeted, then unleashed these pictures.

Mandy Stadtmiller is a dating columnist. Her most famous story is about the time she hooked up with a gigolo in Nevada. She's already tweeted about the Love incident.

Lloyd Grove is editor-at-large for The Daily Beast. He used to be a gossip columnist for The New York Daily News and Washington Post. He also tweeted about the Love incident. Asked for comment, Lloyd told us, "We were discussing nuclear proliferation in North Korea."

We will update this post when Lloyd tells us Courtney's position on North Korea.