Beyoncé directed her own Thanksgiving special, Susan Boyle will get Glee for the holidays, Obama will go on Ryan Seacrest's show, a new Robin Sparkles video, Childrens Hospital goes live, and television's most depressed characters ever.

TV News and the Best of the Rest on the Web

Above, the ladies of SNL reunite in a giant Real Housewives sketch. [Watch it here.]

  • In TV News...
  • Oprah has unveiled her schedule for the OWN network. Let's just say it would take a fantastic guest to get us to tune into any of these terrible-sounding shows: Dr. Phil, Gayle King, Lisa Ling, oh my! [TV Squad]
  • Susan Boyle will appear in Glee's holiday episode. [Vulture]
  • Beyoncé has directed her own concert special to air on ABC. The 90-minute movie will air on ABC this Thanksgiving. [Vulture]
  • President Obama will continue his slew of media appearances and sit down with Ryan Seacrest on his show. [Huffington Post]
  • Dealbreaker (the blog) has been given a TV deal! The show will be written by the producer behind American Dad, if that means anything. [Warming Glow]
  • Sunday's premiere of The Walking Dead drew the network's biggest rating for a premiere. AMC must be pleased! [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Rick Schroder will appear on No Ordinary Family as a man who's saved by Jim. [TV Guide]
  • Undercovers has added Alan Dale (Caleb on The O.C., and Penny's evil father on Lost) to it's cast. He'll likely play another bad guy-type. [TV Guide]
  • What was learned from Conan's test-run last night? [Movieline]
  • TV's 10 most depressed characters include 30 Rock's Pete, Dr. House, and Toby from The Office. Agree or disagree? [Flavorwire]
  • Speaking of 'depressing,' Charlie O'Donnell (better known as Wheel of Fortune's announcer.) He'd been with the show since 1975. [TV Squad]
  • Get stoked for the premiere of Conan next week by revisiting some of Andy Richter's best moments. [TV Squad]
  • Childrens Hospital's finale will be live this Sunday (and directed by David Wain!) [Twitter]
  • Not surprisingly, Two and a Half Men has an awful lot of slightly-misogynistic show titles. [Movieline]
  • Preview photos of the new Robin Sparkles music video that features Nicole Scherzinger, Alan Thicke, and Robin as a blonde! [The TV Addict]
  • Around the Web...
  • Sarah Silverman has an upcoming nude scene — but don't get too excited, suggests that no one get their hopes up too high! [Vulture]
  • You can now see the first shots of Spielberg's new half-animated Tin-Tin movie. [Vulture]
  • David Cross is teasing us again — this time, he says the story is "great" for the Arrested Development movie, but there's apparently no script. [Pop Watch]
  • In lieu of tonight's election, here are the scariest future dystopias where the Conservatives have won. [io9]
  • Check out these band names represented as icons. How many can you guess on your own? [Buzzfeed]
  • There's a new poster for Tron that features Jeff Bridges after being "digitally de-aged." [Collider]
  • Charlie Sheen's children apparently have no idea how crazy he actually is. [Jezebel]
  • Genius! A look at monster-themed cereals through the years. [Laughing Squid]
  • Perhaps the worst trend this Halloween? Kids dressed in Jersey Shore garb. [Best Week Ever]