Beyoncé directed her own Thanksgiving special, Susan Boyle will get Glee for the holidays, Obama will go on Ryan Seacrest's show, a new Robin Sparkles video, Childrens Hospital goes live, and television's most depressed characters ever.

Above, the ladies of SNL reunite in a giant Real Housewives sketch. [Watch it here.]

In TV News...

  • Oprah has unveiled her schedule for the OWN network. Let's just say it would take a fantastic guest to get us to tune into any of these terrible-sounding shows: Dr. Phil, Gayle King, Lisa Ling, oh my! [TV Squad]
  • Susan Boyle will appear in Glee's holiday episode. [Vulture]
  • Beyoncé has directed her own concert special to air on ABC. The 90-minute movie will air on ABC this Thanksgiving. [Vulture]
  • President Obama will continue his slew of media appearances and sit down with Ryan Seacrest on his show. [Huffington Post]
  • Dealbreaker (the blog) has been given a TV deal! The show will be written by the producer behind American Dad, if that means anything. [Warming Glow]
  • Sunday's premiere of The Walking Dead drew the network's biggest rating for a premiere. AMC must be pleased! [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Rick Schroder will appear on No Ordinary Family as a man who's saved by Jim. [TV Guide]
  • Undercovers has added Alan Dale (Caleb on The O.C., and Penny's evil father on Lost) to it's cast. He'll likely play another bad guy-type. [TV Guide]
  • What was learned from Conan's test-run last night? [Movieline]
  • TV's 10 most depressed characters include 30 Rock's Pete, Dr. House, and Toby from The Office. Agree or disagree? [Flavorwire]
  • Speaking of 'depressing,' Charlie O'Donnell (better known as Wheel of Fortune's announcer.) He'd been with the show since 1975. [TV Squad]
  • Get stoked for the premiere of Conan next week by revisiting some of Andy Richter's best moments. [TV Squad]
  • Childrens Hospital's finale will be live this Sunday (and directed by David Wain!) [Twitter]
  • Not surprisingly, Two and a Half Men has an awful lot of slightly-misogynistic show titles. [Movieline]
  • Preview photos of the new Robin Sparkles music video that features Nicole Scherzinger, Alan Thicke, and Robin as a blonde! [The TV Addict]

Around the Web...

  • Sarah Silverman has an upcoming nude scene — but don't get too excited, suggests that no one get their hopes up too high! [Vulture]
  • You can now see the first shots of Spielberg's new half-animated Tin-Tin movie. [Vulture]
  • David Cross is teasing us again — this time, he says the story is "great" for the Arrested Development movie, but there's apparently no script. [Pop Watch]
  • In lieu of tonight's election, here are the scariest future dystopias where the Conservatives have won. [io9]
  • Check out these band names represented as icons. How many can you guess on your own? [Buzzfeed]
  • There's a new poster for Tron that features Jeff Bridges after being "digitally de-aged." [Collider]
  • Charlie Sheen's children apparently have no idea how crazy he actually is. [Jezebel]
  • Genius! A look at monster-themed cereals through the years. [Laughing Squid]
  • Perhaps the worst trend this Halloween? Kids dressed in Jersey Shore garb. [Best Week Ever]