Another day, another wacky survey classifying you based on what TV you watch. This one was done by the new (!) and improved (?) Hollywood Reporter and pertains solely to late night shows. What does your show say about you?

If you watch Jay Leno's little program, you are probably a Republican who drives an American car and drinks... red wine? What're you, some kinda fruit? Get back better into your demographic, boy!

If you watch old Willow Palin-rapin' sourpuss David Letterman's acidic fart fest, you are a classic rock-listening, Toyota-driving, Showtime and CNN-watching Democrat. You sound really fun.

Conan fans tend to be vodka-swilling political independents. Which works. I mean, I know at least one drunk who can't commit to anything who loves Conan! Though I, I mean he, does not drive a Volkswagen, as many Conan fans are wont to do.

And yes, followers of The Daily Show will probably not be surprised to hear that they drink beer. But do they also know that they are married Catholics? That is somewhat surprising, is it not? I guess the Restoring Sanity rally really was religious, just like Glenn Beck's! Yay.

So those are fun facts that mostly mean nothing. But here is a statistic that truly does mean something. Something bad:

In addition to discovering the most common characteristics late-night host audiences, the poll found only 35% of respondents knew O'Brien is launching a show on TBS.

Oh no! Someone tell more people!