It's Sunday, did you go to church today? Chances are, that even if you did it wasn't as weird as any of these videos.

Hello, my name is Christian Nightmares, and I'm a recovered "born again" Christian. I'm also an unemployed editor/writer living in NYC, and lately spend my days and nights running this blog.

Here are some videos that exemplify the kind of beliefs, behaviors, and teachings that helped shape me into the man I am today. Enjoy.

1.) Merrill Womach, a Christian singer-and undertaker-ministers to fellow burn victims

2.) Young Pentecostal girls crying and speaking in tongues on a church floor

3.) A grown Christian man named Lil' Markie sings in a creepy baby voice

4.) Jimmy Swaggart's son, Donnie, preaches against Obama and says he has his ".45s loaded and polished"

5.) Pentecostal snake handlers in Jolo, West Virginia whoop it up for Jesus

6.) Faux-hawked, keyboard-playing evangelist Rick Pino leads worshipers in a spinning exercise to the song "You Spin Me Right Round Jesus (Like a Record)" to the tune of the original

7.) "New Mystic" John Crowder, drunk on the Holy Spirit as usual, preaches about the "Ecstasy of God"

8.) The Holy Spirit causes a woman to howl like a wolf, a group of women to twirl and dance in circles with tambourines in hand, and a man to weep uncontrollably (at :47) while his gum-snapping wife and bored son look on

9.) An Elvis impersonator ministers the gospel of Jesus Christ through song

10.) Evangelical preacher M.B. Jefferson ridicules breast exams, and doctors in general

11.) Christian mimes perform to Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb"

12.) A teenage boy gets filled with the Holy Spirit, speaks in tongues, then engages in a slow dance with his youth pastor

13.) Woman performs interpretive dance in church, pastor tries not to kill himself

14.) An emotionally distraught pastor Paul Washer attempts to scare the Hell out of people

15.) A little girl receives the Holy Ghost, speaks in tongues at Sunday School Camp

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