The L.A. Coliseum was barred from holding raves after a 15-year-old died of a drug overdose there earlier this year. The ban was overturned by a commission yesterday because no one died at the last two raves held there.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's guy on the L.A. Memorial Coliseum Commission — which was set up to investigate what goes on at raves there — Rick Caruso said "I strongly disagree with the action of the commission. I think it's underhanded. It's not a legal issue. It's morally wrong." But Caruso wasn't even at the meeting. Meanwhile, the LAPD is still concerned with drug use at raves across the city, echoing what medical professionals have been warning everyone about since the ban was first instated this past summer.

Medical professionals, cops and old people can say whatever they want about taking awesome party drugs and making morally questionable decisions while under the influence of said awesome drugs, because none of that shit is worse than drinking. Science says so.

[Los Angeles Times]

[Image via Eddy Rose/William Velazquez]