Today in bombs: new and skeery details about just how close those Yemeni mail bombs came to blowing up. Plus: new and skeery details on the Greek anarchist mail bombers. It's bomb week. Love it or else.

  • The French interior minister said that one of the Yemeni mail bombs found on a plane last Friday was defused just 17 minutes before it was set to detonate. Officials also say that the bombs were wired to cell phones that couldn't send and receive calls, meaning that they were likely set to blow on a timer. The bombs were four to five times bigger than the failed underwear bomber's underwear bomb. Imagine that.
  • In Greece, where more than a dozen mail bombs were mailed to various international embassies and officials this week, two "Greek men in their 20s" have been arrested. Officials say the bombs were an act of "domestic terrorism" by homegrown anarchists, not tied to any international plot. (But what timing!). Youth unemployment in Greece is more than 30%. At least they have the entrepreneurial spirit.
  • A bomb blew the roof off part of a government guest house in Nigeria, and a courthouse there was evacuated in a bomb scare. We're covering all our bases here.


[Pic: AP]