Cheap drugs! Running spiritually! Whining patients! Catching lung cancer! Electro-trainers! Peanut allergy babies! Animal diseases! Outliving Brits! And the flu shot conspiracy! It's your Thursday Health Watch, where we watch your health—while munching on whatever catches our fancy!

  • Has your medical practice been paying full price for the eye drug Lucentis? You stupid, stupid fools.
  • Do you wish you were "Born to Run," in marathons? A new book says you can be just that type, as long as you get all the spiritual stuff about running. Which you don't, just look at your outfit.
  • If you're a doctor one of the things you have to deal with is patients coming in and whining and complaining about their problems all the time, and worst of all you have to listen to them. Hey lady I'm a podiatrist not a psychiatrist! You know?
  • Annual CT scans have been found to sharply reduce the risk of death from lung cancer. Smoke away, if you have health insurance
  • You've all heard about those "mobile apps" in your "smartphones" that act like personal trainers, but as a matter of settled philosophical opposition to "apps," "Smartphones" and "Personal trainers"—particularly Roger—we will say no more on the subject.
  • If you eat peanuts while you're pregnant, you may give your unborn child peanut allergies. Or you may not. Either way, you should feel guilty, cause what about cholesterol also?
  • There aren't as many veterinarians working with farm animals now as there used to be, so long story short: mad cow disease.
  • After age 65, Americans tend to live longer than British people. Good.
  • Some would have you believe that "Now Is The Time" for your flu vaccine. It is our fervent hope that, if no other benefit has accrued to you during the time we have shared, you have at least gained sufficient knowledge by reading this column that you do not feel the need to let "some" dictate the important health decisions that should be made solely by you, your family, and your Doctor Octagon.

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