Yesterday, a bit of plagiarism at an obscure regional food magazine blew up the internet. Cooks Source editor Judith Griggs' haughty dismissal of a writer she stole from earned her four kabillion brickbats. She's apologized! Not very well, though. [UPDATED]

After what was by far the biggest day in the history of Cooks Source magazine's Twitter ranking, its editor took to its insult-flooded Facebook page to say this:

Hi Folks!

Well, here I am with egg on my face! I did apologise to Monica via email, but aparently it wasnt enough for her. To all of you, thank you for your interest in Cooks Source and Again, to Monica, I am sorry — my bad!
You did find a way to get your "pound of flesh..." we used to have 110 "friends," we now have 1,870... wow!

...Best to all, Judith

Wow! Assuming this is real, it's pretty much in line with Judith's normal, breezy correspondence style. The Facebook insults are currently still going up at a rate of two or three per minute, so Cooks Source still has another day or so to milk this publicity before they're forgotten forever before they return to their new life of dealing with copyright lawsuits from Paula Deen. We would have suggested an apology more along the lines of, "Here is a video of me, Judith Griggs, throwing my writhing body onto a bonfire."

The internet's a tough crowd.

UPDATE: It's been pointed out that there's quite a bit of dispute over whether this is really from Judith Griggs or not. Romenesko says it is; some commenters say it's not. We've emailed Cooks Source, but haven't heard back. And Judith Griggs hasn't made any other public statements that we know of. So either this is real, and she's not good at apologies; or she hasn't said anything at all, and she's really not good at apologies. If a definitive answer comes out, we'll update.