MSNBC Suspends Keith Olbermann for Political Donations

MSNBC has suspended Keith Olbermann "indefinitely without pay" in response to this morning's disclosure that Olbermann made financial donations to three Democratic politicians. What was Keith Olbermann thinking? More importantly: What is MSNBC thinking?

  • 1. Olbermann shouldn't have given those donations. It's blatantly against his employer's rules. Come on, man. Use your noodle.

  • 2. But uh, have they ever watched his show? He's clearly a vocal, partisan liberal. One could argue that a ban on political donations is a farce given his open opinion-mongering each and every night. Such bans make sense for ostensibly objective reporters, but not for people like Olbermann.

  • 3. Pretty funny how Olbermann gets smacked down for this, but News Corp will give over a million bucks to Republicans and then tell the world to fuck off. Not exactly equivalent. But funny enough for Jon Stewart to make a joke about.

  • 4. Olbermann will be back after a suitable period, with an apology, and everyone will carry on normally.

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