There was a divide among the guys and the gals last night: Hillary Duff appeared as the school's bitchy Mean Girls-type leader, the girls adopted Abed into their clan, who fought against silly bitches with his cruel words.

The girls realize that they can use Abed's aspergers syndrome to their own advantage (read: his unfiltered thoughts about the appearances of girls around the school.) Because they're sick of the snotty bitches that think they rule the school, they use his words to defeat the clan of skanks.


Eventually, this all goes to their heads and Abed eventually knocks Shirley, Britta, and Annie down a peg and restores the order. Meanwhile, Troy and Jeff stumbled upon something wonderful while playing a game of hoops.

Inside, the meet a janitor who guards the trampoline. Cue the gratuitous shots of Joel McHale and Donald Glover's biceps!

Eventually, Pierce discovers the reason that Troy and Jeff are so chilled out and demands to be double-bounced. This is strictly against the rules, and Troy does so against his will. Pierce gets what he asks for — in the form of a comedic fall into the trash!


Because of Pierce, the trampoline is destroyed and the janitor is fired. When Troy and Jeff go to apologize to him, they realize he's not exactly who they thought he was.

In the end, Pierce finds his own paradise—pills! Wonder if they'll continue to use this storyline for the rest of the season? It just might make Pierce more interesting.