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I've never been on the subway....1st time for everything! Let's go @KourtneyKardashless than a minute ago via TweetGenius

Kim Kardashian

We're so proud of you, Kimmy K. Welcome to what most of us "normal" people do each day of our lives.

Awesome day in #NY!To every1 that came 2the instore,Thank U!/Q buen dia en #NY A tod@s l@s q pudieron llegar a la firma D autografos,Graciasless than a minute ago via web

Ricky Martin

It's always an awesome day in NY. We're not biased, or anything...

good morning. just finished the show. didn't sleep well last night. NYC marathon anxiety, I think.less than a minute ago via web

Robin Quivers

Best of luck in the NYC Marathon, Robin!

Who's Coming To Glo Tonight In Long Island NY To See DJ Pauly D ??less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone

Pauly D

Err... Does Long Island count as New York? Survey says... yes, It still counts!

Alright flying to airport! catching the redeye back to la to see my man! Of course when I have to be in NYC he has one day in LA! Lordy!less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

Hilary Duff