TONIGHT: We've got the season premiere of Supernanny, plus new episodes of School Pride, Blue Bloods, Smallville, Supernatural, CSI: New York, Medium, Real Time with Bill Maher, Suite Life on Deck, WWE Smackdown, and much more. Happy weekend!

8:00 PM

School Pride Students, parents and teachers join forces with the series team to deliver a large-scale renovation to the Communication and Media Arts High School in Detroit, an institution renowned for its achievement, which is now in danger of being shuttered. (NBC)
Medium Following a dream, Allison discovers she's unable to understand the spoken word. This sudden communication breakdown causes cracks to form in her marriage to Joe, so Allison reaches out for support and forms a fast friendship with a linguist. (CBS)
Smallville Lois' mom and dad visit unexpectedly for Thanksgiving. Tensions rise when the General (Michael Ironside) bad-mouths superheroes and informs Clark of his efforts to pass the vigilante registration act. Meanwhile, Rick Flagg plots to kill the General. (CW)
Supernanny In the seventh-season premiere, a couple with children from previous relationships have two young girls of their own, but the oldest, a 14-year-old daughter, shows her mother no respect, and Jo worries that there are different rules for each child. (ABC)
WWE Smackdown No. 1 contender Edge faces Alberto Del Rio. Also: the search for Undertaker. (SyFy)
Suite Life on Deck Woody's sister visits and Cody shows her around the ship. Meanwhile, London hires a look-alike to do chores she doesn't want to do, but when her twin sets her eyes on Zack, London tries to get rid of her. (Disney)

9:00 PM

CSI: New York Mac searches for a sniper who is firing from city rooftops. The shootings force him to relive a disturbing abduction case that may have created one of the deadliest foes the CSIs have faced. John Larroquette guest stars. (CBS)
Supernatural Dean believes his grandfather is harboring a secret and reluctantly goes on a hunt with him, which goes horribly awry. (CW)
What Not to Wear A therapist trades her bland wardrobe for something sexier as she reenters the dating scene. (TLC)
The Good Guys A fainting spell confines Dan to his desk at the onset of a case involving a painting that was stolen from a doctor's house. (FOX)
Fish Hooks Bea and Oscar help Milo study for a final exam so he won't be held back a grade; Oscar pretends to have a girlfriend. (Disney)

10:00 PM

Blue Bloods Erin attempts to bring down a notorious gang leader by using his straight-arrow brother as bait. Her methods lead to a family debate over the legitimacy of her actions. (CBS)
Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)
Teach: Tony Danza Danza catches two students cheating on a test; mediates between fighting friends in his class; and is asked to chaperone the homecoming dance. (A&E)

Who's on the Late Night Couches Tonight?

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno: Terry Bradshaw, Jennifer Grey, Jason Aldean (NBC)
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Lewis Black, Elvis Costello (NBC)
Late Show with David Letterman: Tracy Morgan, Mike E. Winfield, the Secret Sisters (CBS)
Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Clint Eastwood, Rod Stewart (ABC, Repeat)
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson: Juliette Lewis, Cornel West (CBS)