FX is developing a drama with an illegal Mexican immigrant as its protagonist. The Drudge Report picked up the news, and now conservatives are outraged, because criminals have never been glorified in the history of the moving picture.

Deadline Hollywood broke the news about the new series, which features an illegal Mexican immigrant working as a private investigator in LA. It's described as "Traffic meets Chinatown." People are seriously upset about this! Wrote one guy in the Deadline comments:

What's next? A PI series of a guy who solves crime by day and rapes women at night to force info from them. Or maybe a pedophile who uses his child conquests to get information and leads. Yeah, nothing like a bunch of LA TV type sickos glorifying illegal actions.

What's next, a PI series about a guy who leaves the worst blog comments in the world? What if all our kids see that and become sad, hate-filled idiots who spend all day being incoherent in the comments section Hollywood trade blogs?

After seeing all the comments, the series writer, Chap Taylor, defended his show to Deadline:

The pilot script hasn't even been written yet. For people from any background to decide the value of a show before it even exists on paper, let alone has been shot, edited and broadcast is a little unfair.

Plus, one of the only other major private eye shows on TV is Bored to Death. We'd take a hard-working illegal immigrant over a bunch of Brooklyn slackers any day.

[Image of Danny Trejo, who plays an illegal immigrant vigilante in Machete]