Today MSNBC sent Keith Olbermann to his room without any supper because he made unapproved donations to various political bodies. Many of you had things to say about the "forward-leaning" news network, including one with some sound advice.

From OMG! Ponies!:

I think Stew Beef had it right.

Right now, MSNBC has been trying to win a game of Calvinball. And FoxNews is Calvin. Well, they're not going to win (duh!).

The solution is to not play FoxNews' game. Play their own damn game. Like a rousing game of "We're not going to just talk about American politics and fill time with American puff pieces like CNN."

Take a cue from the Beeb and NPR. Give good coverage on politics, fair, neutral, direct - you know, like Cronkite used to do - and when you're out of politics, talk about brown people getting killed in countries that don't contain the words "United," "States," or "America."

Also, cancel "Lockup." In fact, cancel it, feed all the tapes to a shredder, and then destroy the VCR that plays it on an endless loop all weekend long.

Finally. Good. I'm glad to have an Olbie-free vacation. He's become a crank and a blowhard.

Mostly I just like this for the Calvinball reference.