A lot of people were Antione Dodson for Halloween! We warned that this costume possessed dangerously high blackface potential, and a number of fake Antoines proved us correct. Then they posted their racist costumes to Dodson's Facebook page.

Antoine Dodson (of "Bed Intruder Song" fame) was guaranteed to be a Halloween favorite this year. He even came out with an official costume. But some people were really, really wrong in their tribute to the viral video star. Here are six absurdly offensive Antoine get-ups. Keep in mind these were all posted to his Facebook fan page, usually by the unfortunate masquerader themselves. No doubt they represent just a fraction of the total racist Antoine Dodson costumes of Halloween 2010. (Thanks to Lostcity for the tip.)


Wow, a sexy squaw and a blackface Antoine together! One commenter sums this up perfectly: "Did he get his ass beat?" (Posted by Paul Turner)

Her pants are from 1994, but her views on race are from 1924. (Posted by Liana Goetz)


To be fair, it seems like the woman who posted this picture is not necessarily endorsing it. (Posted by Rebecca Jo White)

Just because your black friend posted this picture does not make it OK. (Posted by Teronica Yvette)

This Asian guy is my personal favorite, for obvious reasons. Isn't it nice that racism transcends race? (Posted by Quang Quach)

The worst. (Posted by Scott Green)

OK, maybe this one is the worst. (Posted by Whit Cadwell)