Sorry, Those Topless Photos of Emma Watson Are Fake

Sorry, no nude Emma Watson pics. Is The Situation's brother riding on his coattails? Lily Allen's in the hospital and Danielle Staub is dating a dude and a woman at the same time. Sunday Gossip Roundup does not disappoint.

  • Jessica Alba and Kat Dennings' boobs recently hit the Internet, but those pictures of topless Emma Watson aren't real. Apparently they've been making the rounds at Brown, where Watson's a student. Says her rep: "There have been a number of nude fakes over the past two months. Emma has seen them and finds them tiresome. People should know better.' You'll have to wait until she stars in Equus. [DailyMail]

  • Is Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's brother leeching off his fame? It appears 31 year-old Marc Sorrentino is capitalizing on The Situation's star power by acting as his de facto manager (even though he's got a manager already). He recently scored a free Bently from The Situation, the result of a deal he put together. Marc was recently in the news after a woman accused him of trapping her in his limo. So, some of the doughiness is rubbing off, too. [P6]
  • British pop star Lily Allen is in the hospital with the blood poisoning condition Ssepticaemia. A rep says she's improving. [US Weekly]

  • Want to know what famous people will be running the New York Marathon today? Al Roker, Chilean miner Edison Pena, Survivor: Africa winner Ethan Zohn, Anthony "Goose" Edwards. Also, all those excellent professional long-distance runners who are celebrities in the tiny world of professional long-distance runners, but who cares, because maybe they've competed in the olympics but have they ever been trapped in a freaking mine for months?[People]

  • Hey, look, known bisexual Real Housewife Danielle Staub is dating both a man and a woman at the same time. "They're not really that happy about each other," she says. [Popeater]

  • Former Tiger Woods mistress and current something Rachel Uchitel is suing a rehab center for not refunding her $1,5000 security deposit. Except they didn't return her deposit because her dog shit all over the room and she didn't clean it up. Maybe Gloria Allred will represent her. [TMZ]

  • Dina Lohan will appear on the Today Show again tomorrow.[TMZ]

  • Dancing with the Stars dancer Karina Smirnoff is engaged to pro baseball player Brad Penny. There's sort of a funny story behind how Penny asked Smirnoff to marry him: One night her manager told her that "the president of twitter" wanted to meet her at a restaurant. But it was Penny, and he asked her to marry her. [Radar]

  • Here's some vintage gossip: Turnsout that Billy Joel's 1983 hit "Uptown GIrl," was not about his future wife Christie Brinkley, who starred in the video for the song. I twas actually about rival model Ella Macpherson. Someone travel back in time and cause a scandal in the 80s! [Daily Mail]

  • If you're interested in teen stars, you might be interested in this: The rumors that 17 year-old Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice was dating 20-year-old actor Nicholas Hoult (who just got the role of Beast in the upcoming X-Men film) are not true. So, yeah, go tell your 12-year-old. [E!]