Nothing like a frozen yogurt to cool off after an intense Dancing with the Stars rehearsal. Bristol Palin stepped out with a friend for a cool treat in LA on Friday. That friend's brother is accused of murdering unarmed Afghans.

The obsessive Sarah Palin agonistes at the blog Palingates recognized this dark-haired young woman as the sister of 22-year-old Army Specialist Jeremy N. Morlock who is accused, along with four other soldiers, of murdering three Afghan civilians "for sport." Like the Palins, the Morlocks are from Wasilla, Alaska, and the two families' connections have been documented before. In a 2009 People profile, April Morlock comes over to the Palins for a "pizza and bingo party," and gives Bristol a silver necklace. Cute.

Here's April's Facebook profile, featuring a picture of her, Bristol and Bristol's kid, Tripp:

And here's leaked video of April's brother describing how he and his comrades blew up an unarmed man with a grenade just for the hell of it. (Morlock's lawyer says his testimony isn't reliable because he was on 10 prescription medications at the time.):

[There was a video here]

Small world!