Since the start of Dexter's personal drama with Lumen, it seemed natural for that plot to merge with the Miami metro crew. That tends to make the show more exciting, and this week, Dexter's two worlds collided, yet again.

Sadly, it appears Dexter successfully derailed the cops, and this was just a brief overlap. and on edge, especially if Dexter's further along than the police.


Dexter's relationship with Lumen is certainly unique, unfortunately it's not very interesting. Lumen's character is getting annoying. She's the same one -note damaged person week after week. It's somewhat tiresome to watch. The worst part is Dexter is intent on trying to solve her problems.

It's also not good for Dexter's second life as a serial killer. He's bending over backwards to mess up a police investigation just for this girl. Remember when Dexter chose victims because they weren't getting justice? The logical thing would be to let the police do this, and find some other way to quell his and Lumen's personal demons.

Since that isn't likely to happen, let's take a look at some of the guys Dexter and Lumen will hunt.


Well, if it isn't Eli Stone (Johnny Lee Miller) himself! On Dexter, he's actually a motivational speaker who dabbles in the torture of cute blonds. It appears that'll get him a one-way ticket to Dexter's kill room. If I were a betting girl, I'd put money on him being the big kill at the end of the season.

From the looks of things, Lumen will probably be there, too. She's out for blood, which Dexter should be worried about. Unfortunately, he's blinded by his grief over Rita to see Lumen's situation as he should.

In the past, whenever Dexter has invited anyone to see his Dark Passenger, it ends horribly. There was his ill-fated relationship with Lila, his friendship-gone-awry with Miguel Prado, and most recently (and tragically), his perverted admiration of Trinity. Who's to say that Lumen won't be different. Maybe that's what Dexter wants, someone who knows who he is, and is OK with it. Sadly, life for Dexter is never that easy and I fear for what Lumen could do to him.