Last night's Childrens Hospital was broadcast live at midnight and while the "live" part wasn't necessarily true, it did appear to be impressively shot in one take. Watch to see which cast members cracked under pressure, stay for the Hamm.

Below are highlights of how very "live" it went: technical difficulties, camera crashes, and actor freak-outs (done well by Rob Corddry.) Perhaps the best quote in the tail-end of this clip is when the actors are forced to run up flights of stairs to get to surgery: "These elevators haven't been working since they shot Scrubs here."

And now, what 90% of you clicked on this post for: Jon Hamm's cameo — otherwise known as the "Hammeo." Can we be the first to coin the term "Hammeo?" It's such a good pun. Either way, we got hammed last night, we liked it.