First they did away with the biodegradable (but loud) Sun Chips bag. Then we found out that most "green" product labels are full of lies. And now, even faux-concerned Americans appear to be tiring of buying environmentally friendly crap.

Not long ago, every consumer-products company on earth was rushing to find some way, any way, to bill whatever plastic crapola they were selling as "green," because assuaging the guilt of consumers is a proven marketing tool. But! Ad Age reports that you, the consumer, may be ready to give up on even trying to pretend to care about the Earth. Observe:

  • Bottled water sales "rallied nationally last quarter as sales rose 4%." Water filtration device sales were down.
  • The entire "green" cleaning products segment is on the decline.
  • "Hybrid [car] sales are down 10% in a market up 10%."
  • In the past two years, more consumers than ever tell pollsters they think that green products are too expensive, don't work well, and are "not even as better for the environment in the first place." Huh.

At least now you have an excuse for why your lazy ass has been throwing the recycling into the regular trash for the last six months.

[Ad Age. Photo via]