Today at Gawker.TV, Jon Hamm makes a special appearance on Childrens Hospital, Daniel Radcliffe lends his voice to The Simpsons and mocks Twilight vampires, and prepare for the debut of Conan by watching his very first time hosting Late Night.

Watch Conan Kick Off His Career on the 1993 Debut of Late Night with Conan O'Brien
Conan's return to television begins tonight, in preparation watch the whole first episode of the original Late Night with Conan O'Brien online. Inside, watch Conan O'Brien's first time hosting a late night talk show.

The Soup Targets Charlie Sheen, Cher, Extra, and Oprah's Camping Trip
This week, The Soup had plenty of ridiculous TV moments to choose from: Oprah and Gayle King's attempt at roughing it, Charlie Sheen, Cher and Chastity Bono, My Big Friggin' Wedding, and a hilarious clip from Extra's poorly-planned extrawork.

Jon Hamm Makes a Surprise Cameo on Childrens Hospital's "Live" Season Finale
Last night's Childrens Hospital was broadcast live at midnight and while the "live" part wasn't necessarily true, it did appear to be impressively shot in one take. Watch to see which cast members cracked under pressure, stay for the Hamm.

The Simpsons' Halloween Episode Vampirifies Daniel Radcliffe to Skewer Twilight
In last night's after-halloween Simpsons, Daniel Radcliffe lays down the gauntlet in the battle between the hugely successful recent fantasy franchises. Watch him just kill it as "Edmund", Lisa's new undead love interest.

Watch All of Conan O'Brien Promotional Videos for Tonight's Premiere of Conan
Conan's new show premieres tonight at 11 on TBS. Did you miss any of the hilarious promos for the show? We're here to help. All of the videos, right here. Whet your appetite for Conan by watching the videos, inside!