A whole bunch of Democratic staffers on Capitol Hill soon will be unemployed, like every other American. So in their last days, exiting staffers are being granted career advice, résumé building, and... grief counseling.

Politico hears about a group of five staffers marauding around congressional office buildings and explaining to exiting staffers that congressional losses are very similar to human death.

But one of the staffers was described as a "counselor" to help with the emotional aspect of the loss - and a section in the packet each staffer was given dealt with the stages of grief (for instance, Stage One being anger, and so on).

"It was like it was about death," the staffer said. "It was bizarre." The staffer did say the portions about the benefits and résumé writing were instructive.

Apparently someone doesn't know that they burn the bodies of departing staffers at the end of each Congress. It's not merely "about" death in the metaphorical sense, staffer.

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