This may be the closest fans of both House and Doogie Howser will get to a crossover putting the two fictional doctors at odds: Tamblyn's character is a genius with degrees in math and art who's currently devouring med school.

And... she's adorable! Despite Tamblyn actually being a year older than Olivia Wilde, the actress whose character she's supposed to be replacing [according to their "official" bios, at least], the former "Joan of Arcadia" star comes across as a wide-eyed, innocent puppy who has yet to grow into her ears and feet:


As you might expect, House is far from thrilled that Cuddy's latest recruit is a walking, talking, rule-proving exception to his doctrine of "Everybody Lies." After firing and re-hiring her several times over the course of the episode, House gives Ms. Martha M. Masters one last test: convince a dying patient that giving him Hepatitis A is the only way to treat his Hepatitis C. Will she compromise her principles if a patient's life is on the line?

In other news, you probably noticed that the World Series displaced all of FOX's Halloween cartoons by a full week, which seems like a scheduling SNAFU that could have been easily avoided. Moreover, this episode of House, featuring a fictional senate candidate and his campaign manager in the central medical mystery, was clearly designed to run last Monday, the day before Election Day. Here's a fake political ad that's as hilariously reprehensible as anything we actually saw during this year's real campaigns:

So, who's to blame for the scheduling mix-up? Or does the revenue generated by even a less-than-blockbuster World Series trump anything that a few nights of fictional television might deliver?