We've seen the worst Wheel of Fortune contestant ever (here), and we've seen the best solve in the game's history (here), but we've never seen the craziest player ever... until now! Inside, get familiar with Raymond, and all his insanity.

Raymond appeared on the show sometime in the early '90s, and this video proves why he should receive the title of Best/Craziest Contestant Ever (a guide to viewing it will follow):

Thankfully, Michelle Collins of BWE put together the following handy guide for viewing Raymond's appearance:

41: Raymond walks off the set because he's ready for the final puzzle round.
:59: Hands the card off to Pat without even looking at him.
1:15: "Of course"
1:32: "H"
4:25: Another genius sightless handoff.
5:57: "Vanna, put those L's on there!"
6:05: Best solve delivery in Wheel history.
7:45: "P"
8:03: The stream of guesses coming out of his mouth, which are GENIUS, specifically and most obviously, Halo Sauce/Mild Sauce.

You're welcome, Internet.