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im just like u. and i hope our story 2gether can help u all in 1 way or another the way you have all helped me. we are just getting startedless than a minute ago via web

Justin Bieber

This is all I needed to hear! Justin Bieber is just like me!

Katy Perry's cat is named Kitty Purry. Perhaps I'll name my next cat Michael Showaltercat.less than a minute ago via web

Michael Showalter

Michael Showalter is just like Katy Perry- in that he names his cat after himself

Surprising NYC moment: A homeless man texting on an iPhone while asking for spare change. How does he pay his AT&T bill & where is it sent?less than a minute ago via web

Joan Rivers

Joan Rivers has a run-in with a homeless person in New York City.

Rachel McAdams & I are at the same hotel. Her entourage? Like 17. Mine? 1. Me. I have a Me-tourage.less than a minute ago via HootSuite


Rainn Wilson gets a little intimidated by Rachel McAdams.

Getting to see my GAP Christmas ad. It was the 2nd hottest day in NYC when we shot it. I hope they photoshopped out the crotch sweat...less than a minute ago via web

Donald Glover

Donald Glover worries about a sweat-stained crotch in his Gap ad.