This weeks Big C was a lot to handle. Cathy, her dreamboat doctor and her crotchety old neighbor all decided to go for it in their own terrible ways. Plus we got a Liam Neeson cameo to boot.

Feeling that she might actually be able to beat her cancer in a non-traditional way, Cathy loaded up her car for Canada to try her hat at Bee Sting Therapy, with her doting doctor in tow. Enter Liam Neeson.

[There was a video here]

After such a weird experience, where better to go than the local watering hole for a drink or two. Nothing bad could happen there...

[There was a video here]

Well that was unexpected. If I could have bet, I would have sworn Cathy would be the one pulling the lean-in. And how did she manage to resist Mr. Neeson? Most moms I've talked to (ok, maybe just mine) would jump at the chance for a grope-y encounter with the man.

Back home, Cathy's neighbor in her Alzheimeriest moment yet pulled a gun on Cathy's son thinking he was an intruder. This did not go over well with Cathy's annoying husband.

[There was a video here]

And now she's dead. I blame you, Oliver Platt. I liked her too. Way to go.

So now Cathy's confidant is gone. Her doctor has confessed his misguided feelings for her and she's got a bee sting on her ass. Is she cured? Will this further isolate her? Where do we go from here? I guess we'll just have to tune in next week. See you next Tuesday Big C.